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Plug your business into the future of charging

Large parking lots, office buildings, and shopping malls can integrate our charging solution to serve their customers and employees as companies and individuals increasingly rely on EVs.
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The NEW 1P7K Charger

Workplace charging made easy
This easy to install charging solution is ideal for businesses looking to
install unobtrusive yet smart chargers for their employees.
Despite its compact size, the 1P7K features load balancing capabilities to
share available power across charges automatically.
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Smart Load Balancing

Our dynamic load balancing system* allows your chargers to balance the load on the electrical system and EV charging, thereby keeping the total power consumption within the limit of the main breaker. It also enables charging EVs using solar panels for a 100% green driving experience with zero carbon emissions.
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Works for installations with a large number of chargers


Suitable for large parking lots, companies, and shopping malls.


Ideal for buildings with PV systems or variable power availability.
* Requires load balancing add-on.

Management and monetization

LEKTRI.CO chargers are ready to integrate with LEKTRI.CLOUD - the dedicated charging platform

Easy onboarding

Quickly add your charger and set custom pricing


Manage permissions and view charging sessions


Split expenses and/or income with the host


Settlements are automatically processed on preset periods

Mounting types - wall or pillar

Charger pillar
Stylish and durable, easily blends with any landscape


Minimalistic design


Easy to install on any plain surface


Made of stainless steel

Flat Cable installation

Flat Cable Installation means up to 80% material savings and up to 75% labor savings
This is a modular system meaning adding more chargers involves simple modifications and additions.
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Frequently asked questions

The power supply is lower than 7 kW. Can this charger still be installed?

The charger can be fitted even if the power supply is less than the maximum power delivered by the charger thanks to our load balancing system.

Do I have to make extensive modifications to install the 1P7K?

No, a 32A circuit breaker and a separate power line are enough. The charger also has integrated RCD protection.

Is it possible for me to earn money by installing a charger?

Yes, LEKTRI.CO chargers are ready to integrate with LEKTRI.CLOUD - the dedicated charging platform for management and monetization.

How long does it take for an electric car to charge?

It depends on the battery capacity, but usually between 3 to 10 hours.

Does the charger require periodic maintenance?

Electric car chargers usually require little to no maintenance. Software updates are the most important and they are done automatically by our support team.

Are all electric vehicles compatible?

Yes. Our chargers work with any EV that has a Type 2 connector. Most modern vehicles are compliant with IEC 62196.

Let's charge it up

It's never been easier to make your business EV-friendly!






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