The 24,000 km journey with an electric car is over

Electric Tour's journey is coming to an end. The ambitious project of the Electric Tour, to make the longest journey with an electric car and to enter the record book, marks its end on Monday, April 22, in Unirii Square in Timișoara.

The event is organized under the umbrella of Restart Energy, a company that is faithful to the idea of protecting the planet using energy from green and renewable sources.

Electric Tour started with an eco-friendly enthusiasm in the fall of 2018, when a team of ambitious people wanted to show the importance of electric cars and electric charging stations in Romania, making a journey through all corners of our country.


Christian Gernermann, a German who settled in Romania, wanted to discover the experience of knowing our country behind the wheel of an electric car and joined this project as a driver of the electric tour. Thus, together with Christian, a Renault Zoe, and a team organized in the back, the Electric Tour adventure began.

Although and SafeFleet later joined the project, the perseverance with which Christian covered all the undiscovered corners of our country can be seen through GPS monitoring provided by SafeFleet:

path exported from SafeFleet GPS monitoring application wanted to support the electric tour by offering a portable charging station, with which Christian could charge at single and three-phase sockets - up to 7.4 kW and 22kW, respectively - making the time allotted for setting stops more efficient but also providing more options for places to load (restaurants, town halls, boarding houses, hotels, etc.).

Mraconia Monastery, Dubova

We are glad to have contributed at least a small part to the success of the Electric Tour and to mark the end of this challenging journey on Monday, right in the city from which it started.

Christian Gernermann, the driver-hero of a twisted journey through Romania, Oran Mărculescu, the founder of, and Armand Domuța, CEO of Restart Energy, will speak at this successful finish.

Visitors to the event can find out from Christian Gernermann what the ups and downs he went through were, what obstacles he encountered, and how vital the hospitality of the people on such an extensive trip is.

Baile Herculane

At this event, Restart Energy donates to the people of Timisoara a solar tree, a charging station for solar-based gadgets, which will be placed in the city's central area.

For those interested in renewable energy, alternatives to current mobility, and why not, what the solar tree will look like, we are waiting for you in large numbers at the event on Monday from 19.00.






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